Monemvasia Castle

The Castle of Monemvasia or Malvasia Monemvasias as it was called by the Franks, is regarded as one of the most popular medieval fortresses in the world. The castle is in a unique peninsula in the east “leg” of the Peloponnese in the prefecture of Laconia.

For many, the castle is a legendary destination, a cradle of Greek history. As you enter the castle you can admire the defense infrastructure in combination with the city and its remarkable Byzantine churches. The name of Monemvasia is a compound word and means Single-Input!

Visiting the Castle is not an easy task, especially for people with disabilities. For this reason you should wear athletic shoes and you always carry a bottle of water, especially during the summer months.

The Castle of Monemvasia also called the “Gibraltar of the Mediterranean” because of its unique location. The rock that the castle is located approximately 300 feet tall ~ and ~ 2 km long.

New Monemvasia or Bridge

Over the years a new coastal town of Monemvasia was developed, which connects the castle with the city and the Peloponnese by a bridge. Due to the bridge, the locals call the city of New Monemvasia, “Bridge.”

On New Monemvasia – Bridge guests can find seaside restaurants, traditional taverns, local bars and come in contact with the local culture. There is easy access to nearby beaches of Agia Paraskevi and swordfish as they are just a few minutes (by car) from the town of Nea Monemvasia.

Visitors who are fond of small trips, can visit the pristine beauty of Laconia. Finally there is the option to visit the beautiful Elafonisos and swim in one of the best Mediterranean beaches, the beach of Simos.